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Using the fields below, type in part of the product name, health condition, supplier or ingredients that you are searching for. You can further refine your search results by selecting only the relevant search type that you are after.

Tip: Leaving the Search field blank will return all entries.

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Search Examples & Explanations

  • The Search By field determines the scope of the product search.
  • The Search Text field determines what to search for.
  • The Search Text field is NOT case-sensitive.

You can select the All option to search for products that match your search text in any of the options - health conditions, products, ingredients, suppliers.

Alternatively, selecting one of health conditions, products, ingredients, suppliers means that the search will be limited to finding products that match your selected category only with no regard to the other categories. So if you were searching for vitamin and had the product option selected only items that contained the text vitamin in their product name would be returned. However, if you selected ingredients as the scope you would get all products that contained the word vitamin somewhere in their ingredients.

Leaving the Search Text field blank or empty will result in returning all products within the selected scope.

Do NOT use quotation marks, apostrophes, commas, or Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT) in your Search Text field. This will not work and may produce some strange results if any.

If you use multiple words in your Search Text field such as Glucosamine Sulphate then the search will return only products that have both words in exactly that order. It will not find products with Glucosamine-Sulphate or Glucosamine - Sulphate or Glucosamine S. because these are not an exact match for what you typed in the Search Text field.

However, typing in simply gluc would return all products with the word glucosamine or glucose or anything else with gluc in it.

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