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The site map is used to give new users an overview of the website and generally to assist in navigating efficiently to the area you want to get to. Bear in mind that websites are not linear in nature but rather they are multi-relational. This means that pages can be referenced from many different places so this site map is merely an aid to finding pages.

 This is the page from which you can begin to traverse to any other pages held within the site. If you get lost or you just need a familiar place to start from this is it. The home page also contains information about the site, including what the site is for and how you should go about making use of it.
Terms of Use
 This is the page containing the general terms of use for the site. Every user will need to agree to these terms once only for each session before they will be able to see the results of any search.
 This is the current page giving you an overview of the website and generally assisting you in navigating efficiently to the area you want to get to.
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 This page will not only allow you to subscribe to the free newsletter for news on health related topics, but also informs you about the subscription process and provides a link to unsubscribe (which is useful when subscribed employees leave the company or modify their email address).
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 This is the page where health professionals within the industry register themselves, their company, etc. and provide information depending on how they classify themselves.
Contact Us
 This is the page where you can see some contact information, as well as a clear explanation of who you should contact under various circumstances.
Industry Login
 This is the area where health professionals in the industry who have already registered can login to the site to add details about their products.
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  The search area is probably the most important area of all and is therefore available from the left-hand menu bar throughout the website. There are two distinct ways to search - by product and by business type.
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